Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Hundred and One

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
you're far too kind. Hold your applause, this is your song, not mine."

I'm Thankful for:

1. itunes and ipod
2. old friends, new friends, ex-friends, best friends
3. being Italian
4. my family
5. past, preset, and future veterans of the U.S. military
6. being a blond, yet having the ability to dye my hair brunette
7. hoodies and sweaties
8. animals, especially black labs and my crazy cats
9. my freedom
10. lessons i've learned over the last 26 years
11. water and sunshine
12. ritalin, 54 mg
13. this number and the fact that it's always been nothing but lucky for me
14. concerts, live music
15. beer, cheap beer
16. Col. William H. Walker II, and the lessons I was fortunate to learn from him
17. love, whether it's for me or love that I witness and admire in others
18. God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, St. Peter, St. Tony, the whole crew
19. curly hair and straight hair
20. my parents
21. the ability to still appreciate the small things in this world
22. goosebumps over special moments
23. my condo, my car, my materialistic items
24. my aunt dina aka weenie and uncle crusty aka russ
25. my blackberry and the endless hours of entertainment it provides me
26. ray lamontagne, damien rice, jonathan radin, james morrison and their amazingness
27. pizza pie
28. my job, my customers, my office family aka office boys
29. Mia Sutich
30. NOT being 30 and NOT being 20
31. M-O-N-E-Y
32. my awesome memory
33. cousins, even if half of them have NO idea who I am
34. being single in my twenties and finally understanding what it's all about
35. my st. francis medal, st. christopher medal and my diamond cross
36. sleep
37. VOGA wine, wine in general
38. being a washintonian at heart but craving a life in the sun
39. my roots
40. my 2 amazing Grandma's and all that they have taught me
41. Great Grandpa Jaspera Nigro and the life he was able to give my Dad
42. aunt nikki, uncle clark, hippie child and beauy.
43. creativity
44. my height, I love being low to the ground
45. my education and the freedom that came with it
46. movies, especially war/mafia/comedy
47. Lake Chelan
48. the ability to relax
49. history
50. pictures/cameras
51. essie and opi nail polish
52. a good tan
53. a good sense of humor and SARCASM
54. the way I was raised
55. tom petty and the heartbreakers
56. dancing
57. seasons
58. MAUI
59. butterflies, the insect and the feeling
60. a hot shower
61. my bed and my p'lows
62. poetry, lyrics, stories
64. knowing my 2 Grandpa's before they passed
65. chapstick aka lippy
66. the language my Sister and I have created
67. my health, my safety
68. boys
69. having A.D.D.
70. hole in the wall pubs/bars/restaurants
71. music from my Dad's generation
72. treadmills, elliptical, gym in general
73. true religion jeans
75. confetti cake cupcakes
76. slippers and a fire in the fireplace
77. Chantelle underwear and bras
78. MAC makeup and good perfume, currently DKNY be.delicious
79. GAIN laundry detergent
80. knowing how to cook, and choosing not to
81. FLIP FLOPS and tan toes
82. having blue eyes, only because its now rare
83. role models and mentors
84. "adopted" family
85. swimming, boating
86. uggs
87. forgiveness
88. faith
89. snow
90. my car and the fact that it runs
91. hugs, kisses and cuddles
92. getting a fresh start everyday
93. tropical destinations to daydream about to keep me sane
94. inside jokes
95. my strength as an individual, and my ability to love and care for others
96. the abundance of support I've always had from those around me
97. Serin Compton and her sense of humor and her loyalty as a friend
98. New York and all of it's glory
99. Michelle Cassie Evanson and the history of our friendship
100. the holiday season and Christmas music and lights
101. the ability to recognize how fortunate I am, and thank those around me

Tuesday, November 24, 2009