Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashbulb Fuschia

My essentials for this years spring are a few of OPI's new shades (inspired by LC) pictured here is "Done out in Deco" which I am currently sporting on my toes. I originally bought it with the intent of using it for my fingers but a french manicure felt more appropriate.

The second shade I plan to use until it runs out is "Flashbulb Fuschia" to me this is a more updated version of "Pompeii Purple" which is an all-time fav. -->

My third spring accessory is a big black floppy beach hat. I bought on
e at J.Crew last night for $35. <--- It will be perfect for my trip to Maui

To go with my hat and bright nails I will need these
------> Chanel Aviators
(inspired by my Ma!)

I cannot wait for the sun to start shinning so I can sport sunglasses in the morning and at night! What can I say I've been addicted to stunna shades, nail polish and some form of hat since I was a babe ;)
<----- my cousin and I circa 1980-something?

Elevator Love Letter


I cried...hard... like can't breathe I'm sobbing. I feel like I know them, I cannot wait to see what Shonda Rhimes has in store for us.

Eyes wide shut unopened...

My Friday song of the day is Sara Bareilles - Between the lines
I've loved it for quite some time and regardless of what I have going on in my life this song always seems to apply. I think her entire album "Little voice" is the most remarkable thing ever. If you don't own it.. you're nuts.

If you dig this check out Gravity or City

He has risen... Let's eat candy

I have a problem. I love Easter candy! Something about giving up carbs for Lent has made me become a chocoholic. The fact that Easter candy means m&m's lose their vibrant red, brown, blue, green and yellow (is there orange?) colors and take on pastels makes me want to devour an entire bag. Especially when they put Easter images on them! Here's my most recent victim: Peanut m&m's with lambs, bunnies and DUCKS on them! How can you not eat them? So far this month alone I've consumed this bag, 2 bags of almond m&m's and Easter colored reeses peanut butter eggs. Fat much?

"We're Sissy's"

If you've ever hung out with my family you will learn quickly that my Sister and I refer to ourselves as "Sissy." I rarely hear my full name being used in conversation, it's always "hey Sissy..." "Sissy do you think...?" "Sissy can you...?" "yes Sissy.." (I think you get the picture). Well anyways yesterday my Sissy and I went shopping, because she's moving to Italia in September for a year (le sigh) and needs clothes.

This is usually a terrible combination: Sissy + Sissy + shopping + no budget = J. Crew hates and loves us.

Everytime I would go to ask Sissy a question I would start it by saying her name "Sissy" and everytime she would answer my question she would throw in my name "Sissy." The once smiling cashier at J. Crew was close to tears towards the end of my Sissy's $659 purchase. I shit you not, she purchased $659 worth of the fucking CUTEST clothes (see image above). She snapped a picture of herself on her way to assist my Mom at the NW Women's show this morning.

Everytime we discuss the fact that we refer to ourselves as "Sissy" her simple and satisfying answer is always...
"Sissy, were sissy's!"

If you like her look check out these new arrivals at cotton ripple ruffle shirt, French terry cardigan, vintage slim jeans (worn wash),

Italy (June 5, 2008)

I found this post on a blog I started at the begining of last year... I love it so much that I want to include it in this one:

"I'm more excited than I thought possible. I'm so excited to experience something completely organic. For once I'll be in a place where I'm not in control, beautiful chaos.

I just purchased a rad camcorder so I can capture every single second of this life changing event. I wish I could bring others with me. I feel guilty for being so spoiled, yet I know I totally deserve this. I'm excited."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday's Vacation

My mind is on vacation.... literally. I cannot concentrate for the life of me. Ritalin is doing NOTHING to help with this. I can't blame it on Seattle's weather either, it's totally bright out today. I need a vacation, somewhere warm and tropical where I have an endless amount of fruity umbrella drinks. The last vacation I went on was a blast and too long ago. I'm spoiled and need a retreat at least once every 3 months or so. My next adventure is to Maui for 12 days, in May. Again, too far away.

I'll settle for a mental vacation for the time being, hit the tanning bed,
and make my own pina colada, put on some Bob Marley....

......I'm on vacation

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lucky Old Sun

I'm addicted to this song, everything and anything about it makes my heart smile. The lyrics alone don't do the song justice, it's one that has to be heard.

Up in the morning
Out on the job
Work like the devil for my pay
Lucky old sun
Aint got nothing to do
Roll around heaven all day

Fuss with my woman
Toil for my kids
Sweat til I am wrinkled and grey
But that lucky old sun
Aint got nothin to do
Roll around heaven all day

Dear lord above
Can't you see I'm cryin
Tears are in my eyes
Send down a cloud with a silver lining
Take me to paradise

Show me that river
Lead me across
And take all my troubles away
Like the lucky old sun
I'll have nothin to do
Roll around heaven all day

Dear lord above
Can't you see I'm cryin
Tears are in my eyes
Send down a cloud with a silver lining
Take me to paradise

Show me that river
Lead me across
And take all my troubles away
Like the lucky old sun
I'll have nothin to do
Roll around heaven all day

But roll around heaven all day...

Ipod + grocery shopping

I have a new found love, listening to my ipod while grocery shopping. It's the most calming, exciting and entertaining way to get the job done. The other option is to shop with my Sissy, together we are hell on wheels and there is never a dull moment. Recently I hit up the grocery store on a Friday night at the WORST time ever, 5pm. The store was madness, complete chaos, kids crying, lonely spinsters throwing carts into people, slow walkers, after work hustlers, minimal checkers, you name it. I began to feel very anxious about picking out the right type of apple, a choice that is usually so simple became horrific and overly complicated. So I brilliantly decided to pull out my ipod to avoid the madness. Not only did it drown out the excess noise but it put a little pep into my step and quickly I realized what could have very well been the best decision, EVER. Now I realize many people might find this a bit odd, I mean who freaks out about picking out apples? Well everyone has their moments and I guess mine was at QFC in their produce department.

If you happen to see me grocery shopping, don't be offended if I don't respond to you. I'm in the middle of Rihanna's "Disturbia" and I can't be bothered, text me instead!

Be Curly

Aveda "Be Curly" I would like to personally thank you for joining my product arsenol. Since you have arrived, you have changed my life. I no longer fuss with frizzy lifeless curls. Knowing that I get to shampoo and condition with you every day brings joy to this curly q'd head. I no longer despise using my defuser and having to hang my head upside down every morning. You've made my morning hair routine a dream. Thank you.