Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So today while eating my lunch it dawned on me that LUNCHABLES have been around since I was in elementary school. How awesome is that? I'm 26 on the verge of 27, do the math, that's a LONG time! They haven't changed much, either. Same crackers (although now with a serving of whole grain), same turkey (although now served with only 100% turkey breast), same sliced cheese (they didn't have anything to say on the cheese), and Capri Sun (100% juice). I couldn't believe how something so simple as an Oscar Meyer Lunchable could survive and still be favored for that many years. I can't think of anything else that's been around that long. Well, I guess there's TV, Highlighters, Scissors, Water, Coke, but nothing is as cool as the LUNCHABLE! You might be asking yourself "is it as good as it was back then?" and my unbiased thoughts are IT'S BETTER! I now get to pick out which ones I want, use my own money and eat at whatever time of day I want. So much better than when I was 7 :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's October which means the seasons are supposed to change.... right? I find it hilarious how the weather today is better than most of the days in August and September, I'd say 85%. RIDICULOUS. Just when I'm starting to prepare myself for the cold and wicked months ahead, Mother Nature plays tricks on me and teases me with SUNSHINE. I'm already starting to miss Chelan and that yummy feeling of Summer, don't throw Sunshine at me and expect me to remain calm, clothed and inside!

I mean I'm so confused when I have to get dressed in the morning. It's cold, so I immediately want to put on some irritating wool sweater and ugg boots, but then I see sunshine and I immediately throw on flip flops. My hair is doing some weird static cling routine since the air is so dry (what does that have to do with this post?). I see the leaves changing, I can feel my birthday approaching and yet I feel like yummy summer is trying to make it up to me (see post below).

Oh well, I guess I'll just continue to be weather challenged and mix winter items with my favorite flip flops (i.e. plaid long sleeve button up shirt and Old Navy flip flops)