Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Girl

I'm a Summer Girl. Everything about me represents Summer. I love the sunkissed highlites my hair gets, the tan lines on my toes from my toe rings, the freckles on my shoulders that I obsess over like a complete weirdo. SUMMER. I adore it. I wish Summer wasn't a season, more or less a lifestyle. Like I wish I could just LIVE Summer all year long. Everything awesome that comes with Summer, would just be a natural part of my life. Do you think I could obtain that by moving to a sunny location? Would I miss the seasons? I hardly think I'd even notice. I really wouldn't mind a palm tree Christmas. I'd be so blubbering happy with living SUMMER that it wouldn't even dawn on me that my Christmas tree was mostly made of trunk. I don't even like Christmas trees, they shed, it's weird.

I think that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to LIVE SUMMER. The feeling that most people get when they fall in love.... well..... that's the way I feel almost EVERYDAY during the Sunny Summertime months. Who wouldn't want to experience that 24/7? Or I guess a less drastic fix would be to just fall in love? Ha Ha....I think I'll pass, book a plane ticket and find myself some SUMMER.